Principal Update

Our latest update from our Principal

Welcome back to all our Beiseker Community School (BCS) staff and students! The staff at the school are ready to go and we are looking forward to an excellent year at the school. Welcome to our new students and their families who have transitioned to BCS from Kathryn and to other new students and families who have come from other locations.

Please read the following as there are a number of information items to be aware of.  

Staff Changes
We have a number of significant staff changes that we would like to announce.

First, taking over for Mr. Chow is Ms. Nicole Woolley. Ms. Wooley comes to us from Drumheller Secondary School where she taught for five years. Next, we would like to welcome Tatum Nixon to BCS. Ms. Nixon taught last year at Mitford Middle school in Cochrane and will be teaching high school math and science. Ms. Vance has extended her leave and in her place is Ms. Samantha O’Neill.  Ms. O’Neill is no stranger to BCS as she was a regular sub teacher here last year. Taking over from Mr. Stovka is Mr. Colton Grant. Mr. Grant is a brand new teacher having just graduated from the University of Calgary. Mr. Grant also has an extensive hockey background. Ms. Kari Abraham has extended her leave and in her place we welcome Bryan Masson. Mr. Masson comes to us from Heron’s crossing school in Airdrie where he taught Grade 4. And finally, a big welcome to Ms. Donny Krahn. Ms. Krahn is taking the place of Fran Hagel who is now working at Rocky View Schools’ head office.

Dwayne Peace
On Tuesday (12) and Wednesday (13) of this upcoming week, we warmly welcome Dwayne Peace to BCS. Mr. Peace a facilitator with Life Synergy for YouthA Life Skills Program. He will be making a presentation titled, “Life’s Challenges in Secondary School” to the entire population of Grade (8 – 12) students Tuesday morning and then will be working with our Grade 10 and 11 students in smaller group sessions Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday. Please see further information about this in this newsletter.

School Handbook
A reminder that our school handbook is posted on the school website under publications. Here you will find information regarding various policies and procedures pertaining to our school.

Bring Your Own Device Policy (BYOD)
This year we are requesting all students in Grade 5-12 to bring an internet capable PC, Chromebook or Mac with at least a screen and keyboard to school (Smartphones, Ipods, and mp3 players will no longer be acceptable as a “BYOD” device). The students need to be able to use their device to access Google docs, share files, word process, do slide presentations etc.

For those students who are not able to buy a small computer (PC, Chromebook or Mac device), the school will assign a Chromebook or PC laptop to them on a daily basis at no charge to the student.  The student will need to pick up the computer first thing in the morning at the learning commons and then return it at the end of the day. They will not be able to take them home.   All computers will be checked by our school tech at the end of each school day and any damage would be charged to the student.  Students will still be required to have a RVS Responsible Use and On-Going Consent Agreement on file here at the school as well as a BCS daily use waiver for the 2016/17 school year.

Powerschool Parent Portal
A reminder to parents of children at BCS to please regularly check the Powerschool parent portal for valuable information regarding student progress. Using Powerschool, parents and students are able to see the assignments/projects that have been assigned to them as well as the marks that have been earned for these various tasks. Teachers do work diligently to keep their marks up to date so that parents can have access to them 24-7. If you have questions about the portal and logging in, please check our website for login instructions or call the office.

School Council
I would like to inform our parent community that our first school council meeting is Tuesday, September 19, 2016 at 7:00 pm in the school Learning Commons (library). I would encourage parents to come out to these meetings as it is a way to find out what is going on in our school. It is also an opportunity to have a voice in helping make our school a better place for our children.

Nut Awareness
I would like to make you aware that we have at least two of our students have a severe nut allergy. This allergy can result in life threatening symptoms, including the closing of the airway and inability to breathe, if the student should come in contact with even small amounts of peanuts, peanut oil, and/or other nut products. While Beiseker Community School is not going to implement an outright ban on nut products, we would ask for your cooperation in making it a “Peanut Aware” school and refraining from sending nuts or products containing nuts with your children.

As stated in our handbook, “We have found through experience that when all stakeholders involved in the education of your children are communicating with each other, all problems or concerns are soon addressed or prevented. All of our classroom teachers offer an open invitation for you to call us at the school to discuss your child or concerns.” So please don’t ever hesitate to call us here at the school if when there is a need to.

In terms of communication from the school to you at home, please be reminded of our monthly newsletter; we also post school information regularly to our Facebook page. As well, teachers communicate by a variety of means; not only should PowerSchool be updated consistently, you will see a variety of means in which teachers communicate to you including the use of blogs, newsletters, e-mail, Remind, and Class Dojo.

Grade K-6 Collaborative Goal Setting Meetings
On Tuesday October 3th and Wednesday October 4th, we are inviting all of our parents to come in and meet with their children’s teachers. Not only is this a good time to touch base with the teacher, it will be an opportunity to set school related goals with your child(ren). Information regarding interview times will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks.

Well, that is it for now. We are very much looking forward to seeing you all at our meet the staff BBQ this upcoming Thursday, the 14th. Please remember too, do not ever hesitate to contact Mr. Keenan, me or any BCS staff member if you have any questions or concerns. We are here with your children’s best interests at heart and our goal is to give them every chance at success. BCS is a great school and we are looking forward to another year of learning and fun!

Mr. Montgomery

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