Principal Update

Our latest update from our Principal

Hello Parent(s) of Beiseker Community School (BCS) Students,

As I write this, we are nicely settled into the new school year. This is an opportunity for me to communicate a few very important information items about things that are occurring here at BCS. As always, if you have any questions or concerns you can forward them to me or Mr. Keenan, our assistant principal, here at the school.

Junior A Volleyball Update
We are very proud of our Grade 7/8/9 boys and girls volleyball teams. The girls ended up 4th in 1A and represented our school well. Our boys came 2nd in 3A, which is the top tier, losing a close match to Chestermere Middle School. Congratulations boys! Thanks so much to our staff coaches Melanie Jackson and Bryan Masson as well as community coach Tracy Skuce.

Awards Night
On Friday, October 26, BCS held its annual awards night recognizing the academic and athletic accomplishments of our students for the 2017-18 school year. Thank-you to the Beiseker/Kathyrn Scholarship committee and staff (particularly Mrs. Hempel) for their efforts in putting on what was a very successful evening. Congratulations to all our awards winners!

Live Different Presentation
On Wednesday, October 24, we once again had Live Different do a presentation to our Grade 7-12s. The Grade 7 and 8s from Kathyrn also attended! It was so nice having our neighbours to the south join us. Live Different is a Canadian charity focused on changing ourselves and the world around us by embracing a lifestyle that cares for people. This year’s message was “kindness changes everything”. The presentation was very well received by students and staff. For more information about this group, please click here.

School Handbook
Please click here to see our school handbook. The handbook has been recently updated and contains a great deal of information regarding the various policies and procedure we have here at BCS.     

Reminder of our BCS School Blog, Twitter Account and BCS Facebook Page
In terms of communication from the school to you at home, please be reminded of our monthly newsletter; we also post school information regularly to our Facebook page, Twitter account as well as our blog (the link to the blog is on our website). You can also subscribe to the blog if you wish and be notified of new posts. As well, teachers communicate by a variety of means; not only should PowerSchool be updated consistently, you will see a variety of means in which teachers communicate to you including the use of blogs, newsletters, e-mail, Remind, and Class Dojo. As communication is a “two-way street”, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our staff via e-mail, phone or face to face. Also, as part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring your voice is heard as part of our school community, watch for new feedback questions and social media surveys in the coming weeks!

School Council
I would like to inform our parent community that our next school council meeting is Tuesday, November 20, 2018 at 7:00 pm in the school learning commons (library). The formation of a school council at all schools in Alberta is mandated by the School Act.  I would encourage parents to come out to these meetings as it is a way to find out what is going on in our school. It is also an opportunity to have a voice in helping make our school a better place for our children. If you have an item that you would like to be included on the agenda, we would ask you to submit the item by calling the office one week prior to the next scheduled meeting. Your item would then be forwarded to our school council chair, Dan Tucker.

BCS Advisory Association
Did you know that on top of School Council, we have a group of parents that form the BCS Advisory Association. This group is a registered society and has been responsible, in conjunction with the school, in the dissemination of casino funds in order to enhance programming and opportunities for our students. Each year, the association has provided significant financial assistance to help cover the costs of things like bussing for students to special events, paying the athletic plugin fees to the Rocky View Sports Association, and providing subsidization for field trips like our active living days. BCS very much appreciates the support this group provides.

Inclement Weather and School Closure Information
Just recently, an e-mail was sent to all our families with the updated inclement weather and school closure information. Please click here for information regarding school closures.

In terms of having indoor recess (K-6) when the weather is very cold outside, we will keep all K-6 students inside when the temperature outside combined with windchill is colder than -22 degrees Celsius. We will be using the Weather Network's Beiseker page to determine the temperature. Either way, it is imperative that all students come to school dressed appropriately for whatever conditions the weather is presenting. We do not normally have an indoor recess due to rain, so students should be prepared to spend time outdoors everyday, rain or shine.

Powerschool (PS) Parent Portal
A very important reminder to parents of all BCS students that you need to have a Powerschool Parent Portal account. Using the portal, parents and students are able to see the assignments/projects that have been assigned as well as the marks that have been earned for these various tasks. It also allows you to check absences and lates.

As well, RVS is requesting that all families update demographic information online; in order to do this, parents will need a (PS) Portal account. If you need help logging on or help doing this, please do not hesitate to contact the office. 
Parent Portal

Mid-term update – Reporting Period 1/Options Information
This year we will be continuing with a “paperless” mid-term update for Grade 9-12 instead of the traditional paper report card. If you wish to see your child's mid-term mark you can do so by logging in to the PowerSchool Parent portal November 7th. Printed report cards for Grade K-8 will be coming home on December 5th.

On that note, new options for our Grade 7-12 students will be starting Wednesday, November 7. Parents can log onto the parent portal to see what option their child(ren) have. In order to see what option your child is taking, go into the parent portal, click my schedule and scroll down the page. Final marks for Grade 7-12 options will be available on November 7.

Interview Evenings
A teacher parent interview evening for students of Grades 7-12 will be held the evening Thursday, November 15 from 4:30 – 7:30. Please see the following link for information regarding the booking of an interview. Our next interview evening for students of Grade K-6 will be held the evening of Thursday, December 6. We will notify parents when the link to book a time is open.  Click here to book your meeting!

School Fees
Just a reminder to parent(s) that school option fee invoices were due October 31. All invoices have been e-mailed to families with outstanding balances. The option fees cover consumables specific to the course such as food for home economics, camera equipment for photography, welding rods for fabrication etc.

These fees can be paid by clicking Schoolcash Online. If you need help with this process, please contact the office.

Well that it is it for now. Please remember, we are here with your children’s best interests at heart, and our goal is to give them every chance at success in a safe and caring environment.

Fraser Montgomery 

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