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Our latest update from our Principal

Hello Parent(s) of Beiseker Community School (BCS) Students,

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a great Christmas break with family and friends.

High School Final Exam Schedule (10-12)
Last day of regular classes for high school students (Grade 10-12) is on Friday, January 19th, 2018. The first day of Semester II is Wednesday, January 31st. A copy of the final exam schedule is included in this newsletter and it is also posted on our school website. It should be noted for Grade 9 students, regular classes will continue until Semester II begins. The only exception is the Science 9 Provincial Achievement exam which is being written the morning of Wednesday, January 24.

Semester II Grade 7-12 Timetable/Teacher Changes
In order to help meet the programming needs of our students, there are some teacher changes in our timetable for Semester II we would like to make you aware of. In Grade 6, Mr. Grant will be taking over Grade 6 PE from Mr. Masson. In Grade 7, Ms. Milaney will be taking over English from Ms. Wooley and Mr. Hansen will be taking over Science 7 from Ms. O’Neill. In Grade 9, Ms. Wooley will be taking over the Grade 9 English from Mrs. Hempel. If you wish to see your child’s timetable for second semester, please go to the Parent PowerSchool Portal, go to “My Schedule”, and scroll down. Unfortunately, the phone app does not allow you to see student schedules until the first day of Semester II.

Grade 8 Kathryn Activity Morning – Monday, January 29
We are very pleased to be welcoming the Grade 8 students of Kathryn School to BCS the morning of the 29th. During this time, the students from Kathryn will be participating in three learning experiences with the BCS Grade 8s including doing an activity in foods, drama and shop.

K-6 Active Living Day
BCS is pleased to announce our annual K-6 active living day is happening once again. On Thursday, February 8, students will be going to Genesis Place in Airdrie for various physical activities. The Grade 4-6 students will have the option of going skiing to Nakiska that day. We would like to thank the BCS Education Advisory Association for their financial contributions in order to make these trips more affordable for parents/students. The school is also contributing as well.

Powerschool Parent Account (Portal)
A reminder to parents of children at BCS that Rocky View Schools (RVS) is kindly requesting all parents to have a PowerSchool Parent account. The Powerschool parent portal is a tool that conveys valuable information regarding student progress. Having a PowerSchool Parent account also allows you to update family demographics, something RVS has sent you information about. If you have questions about the portal and logging in, please check our website for login instructions or call the office.

School Blog/APORI Survey
Have you checked out our school blog lately? It is a great way to keep informed about all the great things that are happening here at BCS. In order to access the blog (see link below), families require a password which can be obtained from the office. We would ask that you do not share this password outside of families who have a student here at BCS; we do this to maintain the security of the blog.

On that note, for parents of students in Grades 4, 7 and 10, by the end of the month you will be receiving information in the mail regarding Alberta Education’s Accountability Pillar Survey (APORI). This survey allows parents in Grades 4, 7, and 10 to give feedback about our school. The survey can be done by either paper copy or online. Once again, the blog, as well as our Facebook page and Twitter feed is a great way to be informed of all of the great things that are occurring here at BCS.

Please take time now to enjoy the rest of the newsletter.


Mr. Montgomery

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