Principal Update

Our latest update from our Assistant Principal

Hello Parents, Students and Community members of Beiseker Community School,

With some warm weather behind us and surely more ahead, we know students are very excited about the summer break coming in short order! June is a busy month here in the school, with exams and field trips being prepared and planned. Please pay particular attention to the information following this address regarding the exam schedule and events happening at Beiseker Community School that may impact various grades this month.

Staffing Announcements
With the end of the year comes some inevitable change to the staffing of our school. With Mr. Stovka accepting a new position at Langdon school, we will be welcoming Mr. Grant to the BCS staff. Mr. Grant is going to be leading our Hockey Canada Skills Academy next year, and has exceptional experience with the sport, having played in the WHL for the Medicine Hat Tigers and Chilliwack Bruins. Mr. Yanick will also be leaving BCS this year, moving to a position at Bow Valley school in Cochrane. Replacing him will be Ms. Nixon who is coming to us from Mitford School in Cochrane.

Miss School Miss Out
Our second year in the Rocky View “Miss School Miss Out” campaign was a success, and our students have enjoyed the K-12 focus this year with one student from high school and one student from K-9 being selected as winners each month. While we do not have any Grade 10 - 12 students who will participate in the formal Miss School Miss Out program celebration at Bert Church this year, we continue to promote attendance in our school, both through this program and our overall RVS attendance initiative! As a school we will be recognizing all our K-9 students with perfect attendance with a cut off date of June 23, 2017. Stay tuned!

We had an excellent celebration for our grad students on May 12/13 at the school and Beiseker Community Hall. With the theme of ‘Infinite Possibilities,’ the grads were very focused on their dreams and aspirations over the course of the celebrations. Congratulations to our graduates, and best of luck as you move forward into exams and toward the conclusion of your days as students here at BCS.

Parent Surveys
As promised, students who have contacted the office and recorded the completion of the RVS satisfaction survey will receive an ice cream bar for the students they have registered in the school. Students in families who responded to the survey and informed the office will be served ice cream on Thursday, June 8th. Your feedback is essential for us to gain accurate feedback to support decision making. Thank you for everyone who took the time to respond to the survey!

Breakfast Program
As the year draws to a close, we wanted to acknowledge the wonderful dedication and immense effort of Mrs. Stone and Mrs. Kerr-West in providing our students with a healthy breakfast every morning. Breakfast programs require thoughtful planning, purchasing and follow-through through the entire year, and we are very fortunate to have staff who are willing to support our school and students in this way. On that note, we are looking to support the work of these fine ladies and offer more hot-breakfast options next year if we can secure some volunteer support of the program. If you are interested in supporting the program, please let me ( know. We also continue to receive support from both the Breakfast for Learning and Breakfast Clubs of Canada as well as other sponsors both public and private. Our students and staff are very appreciative of the continued support these groups provide to BCS.

K-6 Fun Day
Our year-end field day this year will happen June 15th in the morning. Students will enjoy a variety of unique events organized by our Grade 7-9 Outdoor Education class. We look forward to a fun day getting outside with the students in the sunshine. Please ensure you check the weather reports and dress students accordingly.

Bring Your Own Device
Our BYOD program has gone very well this year, and we will continue with the program as-is going into the 2016-17 school year for Grades 7-12. As outlined in the School Handbook, our school requirement for a personally owned device for learning is that it is internet-capable and has both a screen and keyboard available for use.  Phones and digital music players are not acceptable as a device for learning. Students who do not have a personal computer available for learning may be loaned a school device for use during the school day.

Beiseker Bonding Day Olympics
On Wednesday, May 31 we had our first ever Beiseker Bonding Day Olympics. It was a fun, exciting event, with great participation from students K-12. There will be pictures and additional information coming soon to our blog, but in the end it was our Blue team (Grades 3 and 7 ) taking the day after a hard-fought rock, paper, scissors battle. The event featured a cup stacking event, keeping balloons in the air, passing game and trivia questions, all organized and planned by our student leaders. What a great display of the great community spirit here at BCS!

We would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to the students, staff and families at Beiseker Community School for all that you bring to our school community. It is through our collective dedication that our school remains an excellent place for our students. Mr. Montgomery and myself are so pleased to have seen such great learning and experiences for our students this year. If we don’t see you before the end of the month, have a restful and enjoyable summer, keep reading, and we will see you September 5th to start the 2017-18 school year!

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