Who We Are

At Beiseker Community School we strive to do our best for students to be successful and achieve their goals while at the same time having a true sense of belonging within our school community.

We remain true to our history as a one-room schoolhouse, in which you would find an adult caring deeply for the personal needs of each of her students. We purposefully reflect on the unique nature of the learning that takes place in the community school setting. As BCS has grown throughout the years, our ties to the community have developed, our programs have become more varied, and the supports we offer our students more encompassing.

To this end, we focus on the following key elements to support our students’ growth and learning.

We are:

  1. Committed to academic achievement and the development of lifelong learners.
  2. A safe and caring school where students feel a sense of belonging and acceptance.

  3. Focused on personalized learning, ensuring each student’s learning path is individual while at the same time making learning opportunities authentic and relevant to their life.

  4. Developing specific thinking and learning skills in students to lead successful lives in this modern age.

  5. A school culture of leadership and character education to create active and contributing members of society.

  6. Collaborative and value opportunities for meaningful conversation and input from everyone in our school community.

We strive daily to create the greatest learning environment possible for our students and our staff is highly dedicated and committed to this end. All we do is centered on what is best for our students.

Mr. Fraser Montgomery                                      Derek Keenan
Principal                                                             Assistant Principal

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