21st Century Learners

In the 21st Century....

Students prepared for success will be critical thinkers problem solvers, innovators, communicators, collaborators, globally aware, civically engaged, self-directed learners, information and media literate, and financially and economically literate.

So in 21st Century Schools...

Students learn to cook with information. With teacher mentorship, guidance, and coaching students become increasingly skilled with tools like reading, writing, arithmetic and technology. They learn to solve real-world problems by finding, evaluating and mixing information, and then create ways to share their new knowledge.

Students learn best when they want to learn. Learning to cook with information through a practical, hands-on, experiential approach is the best way to build brains and the master learners we need to be prepared for our future.

...We change our thinking

About goals, learning, teaching, assessment and the learning community.

Welcome to the 21st Century

The best time to learn.



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