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Alberta Education Curriculum Summaries
Parents can now access a new, easy to use online tool that will allow them to get information about what their child is learning and how their child might be assessed for every subject and grade level at school. Developed in consultation with the Alberta School Councils’ Association, the Fédération des parents francophones de l'Alberta, and stakeholders from across the province, this online tool will provide parents with one primary source to access learning information for their child. It also will give parents more flexibility in creating an individualized learning profile for their child based on grade and subject level. Alberta is the first jurisdiction in Canada to create an interactive, online tool of this kind for parents. Developed to replace printed materials such as the Curriculum Handbooks for Parents and the Curriculum Summaries, the tool also can be used to explore a variety of online learning materials. Creating a stronger voice for parents in the education system is a key component of the province's 10-Point Plan for Education, and this tool will help reinforce parents' role in the the education of their child.
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