Student Absences

It is very important to call the school if your child is going to be absent. 403-947-3883


According to the School Act, students are expected to attend every day that school is in operation, unless prevented from doing so by reason of illness or some other unavoidable circumstance. School Board Policy supports the suspension of students whose irregular attendance is without just cause.
Beiseker Community School takes the following position with regard to class attendance:

  1. Regular attendance is essential to successful progress.
  2. Any successful attendance system requires the full cooperation of teachers, school and home.
  3. Parents are asked to ensure that student absences are legitimate and that the school is notified.
  4. Parents will receive notification of attendance concerns.
  5. Parents are required to call the school if their children are absent.
  6. The school has a policy to contact parents if students are absent at the beginning of the school day or after lunch.


It is reasonable to expect each student to be on time for each class period. Repeated lateness is a sign of disrespect and is discourteous to the rest of the students in the class. In addition, being punctual is a habit to be encouraged, especially for the world of work.
All students are required to check in at the office if they are late.


Parents are required to advise the school office when taking students out of the school during the school day. Elementary students, except those who normally go home for lunch at noon, are NOT PERMITTED to leave the school grounds unless parents provide the school office with written permission.

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