Executive Board Members

Beiseker School Council

Dan Tucker - Chair

Melanie Lichtenberger - Vice Chair

Terri-Lynn Finck - Secretary

Vacant - Treasurer

To contact school council please contact the school at 403-947-3883.


Beiseker Community School Parent Advisory

We want to once again thank the Beiseker Parent Advisory for all their support this year. Through our Parent Advisory we are able to sponsor and provide financial support for school field trips, special activities, equipment, and guest speakers. One of the main fundraising activities of our Parent Advisory is our Casino volunteer opportunity. With casino’s soon to re-open, we will likely regain our position in line to work a casino this summer/fall. We only get this opportunity once every 2-3 years, so it is important to take advantage of our turn. It is essential that we get 20-25 adult volunteers to work our Casino dates (2 days and 2 nights). Once we know our summer/fall Casino dates, we will email all parents and staff members to ask for volunteers.

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