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2024 Graduation Ceremony

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Come celebrate our graduating class of 2024 at the Graduation Ceremony!

Ceremony begins at 7pm in the gymnasium on Friday, May 10th.










Upcoming Graduation Dates

Grad 2025 - May 9, 2025


The recipient will receive $500.00


This award is to be presented to the best all-around male or female student enrolled in grade 11- program in Beiseker School.  The following are considered, but not all necessary when chosen for this award:

  • 4-H involvement
  • athletics, leadership and sportsmanship
  • scholastic ability with special emphasis on participation in school and community activities.

The school, scholarship committee, along with consulting with a member of the Lions club, will pick candidate.

Recipients will each receive $150, certificates, and their names engraved on the plaque at the school. The award is given to the Athlete who most exemplifies the following criteria:

  • Athletic ability - level of skill and excellence, number of activities, motivation and determination.
  • Participation (school and community sports) - number of activities, willingness to cooperate, attitude, attendance at practices.
  • Leadership - demonstrates a high level of skill, cooperativeness, participation to other team members and students
  • Sportsmanship - demonstrates a level of genuine sportsmanship in competition, practice at school.

Selection Process:

The awards co-coordinator shall gather information from the coaches to determine the possible candidates. All candidates will be awarded a possible 10 points in each category from 1 to 4 using the criteria as a guideline. The athlete receiving the most overall points out of a possible 40 points will receive the award. In the event of a tie the award will be given to all athletes involved in the tie.

The recipient will receive $500.00


  • Must graduate from Beiseker School, have attended grades 10-11-12 at Beiseker School.
  • Highest average of their best four grade 12 subjects (Must include English 30-1 with a minimum of 65%
  • Must be registered in a post-secondary school
  • If a tie the students grade 10-11 marks will be considered.

A student will be disqualified from receiving the KBSC Award, if they qualify for another major scholarship award.

The recipient will receive $500.00

Because of his perennial interest in the quality of education in our local area, the family of the late J.G (Jerry) Schissel wishes to offer a memorial scholarship, to be presented annually to a graduation student from Beiseker School. In keeping with Mr. Schissel’s own particular interests, and pursuant to the high standards with which the scholarship was conceived, the following criteria will be used to select a candidate for this award:


  • The student must be registered in a post-secondary school or musical academy or school.
  • Must have received the highest average based on five 30 level courses that must include English 30. Minimum average must be 70% or better, if not achieved the scholarship will not be awarded.  Special projects and work experience marks will not be included in this average.
  • Student must be enrolled for the full grade 12 year.
  • Student must have formal musical training or significant participation in some aspect of music (choral or band) in their community.
  • Should two students have similar averages (within three percent) then the one that has achieved greater proficiency in their musical level (one that attained the higher grade in conservatory music) will be chosen.

A student will not be disqualified from receiving the J.G. Schissel Memorial scholarship if they are already receiving another major award.

There are 2 recipients awarded; each recipient will receive $250.00

The scholarship criteria:

  • Received a High School Diploma
  • A student of Beiseker School (min. one full year)
  • Registered in a secondary agricultural school program at a university, college, and/or technology school for the upcoming school year.
  • Highest average: average based on four 30 level courses
    (must include English and Social plus two others)

The board will consist of:

  • One Beiseker Agricultural Society director or member
  • One Beiseker school administrator and one teacher representative

The recipient will receive a book.

The Valinda Nee (Uffelman) and Andrew Leonard scholarship is awarded annually by the directors and family of the Valinda Nee (Uffelman) and Andrew Leonard scholarship committee.

“Valinda and Andrew Leonard were aboard a 737 bound for Saudi Arabia when their airplane was hijacked by terrorists. They were planning to meet Ed Leonard (Valinda’s husband and Andrew’s father) in Saudi Arabia, their temporary home. Valinda was born in Calgary, August 21st, 1958, she attended Beiseker Elementary School and later Beiseker-Kathyrn Multi-campus. Valinda received part of her Grad 12 education in Acme High School. After receiving her RNA training in Calgary, she moved to Vancouver. Andrew was born July 25th, 1984.


In order to qualify, the student must be on the Honor Roll and meet the following criteria: 80% or above with no marks below 50%, using 5 subjects from the following:

Grade 12

1 of: English 30-1 or 30-2

2 of: Social Studies 30-1 or 30-2, Math 30-1 or Math 30-2, Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Physics 30, Science 30

2 of: Any 30 level option (5 credits)

The recipient will receive $150.00


Must be enrolled in a full grade 11 academic program.

Highest Average in:

  • English 20-1
  • Social Studies 20-1
  • Biology 20 and/or Chemistry 20 and/or Physics 20
  • Math 20-1
  • 1 option course at the 20 level
  • No mark below 65%
  • 40% of the scholarship to be based on the exhibition of exemplary learning behaviors such as:
  • Completion of homework
  • Completion of assignments
  • Consistent effort
  • Positive attitude

The recipient will receive $150.00


Must be a student of Beiseker Community School who has been awarded an high school diploma and is registered in a secondary school program.

60% of the scholarship to be based on:

  • Highest Average in
  • English 30-2
  • Social Studies 30-2
  • Any other 3 courses at the 30 level
  • No mark below 60%

40% of the scholarship to be based on:

  • Must exhibit exemplary learning behaviors such as:
  • Completion of homework
  • Completion of assignments
  • Consistent effort
  • Positive attitude

The recipient will receive $500

Criteria: combination of 2 of the following:

1-Successful participation in the Registered Apprenticeship Program in Fabrications

2-A student who has shown an overall improvement in attitude, behavior and academics throughout their high school career.

3-A student who has had a positive impact at all levels of the school community

The recipient will receive $300.00

Merit Contractors Association Career and technology Studies in Construction Award, recognizes individual achievement, promotes construction as a career and encourages co-operation between education and industry.


  • currently be in grade 12
  • achieve top standing in a grade twelve construction-related class
  • demonstrate high interest in construction CTS course(s)
  • demonstrate leadership qualities in the classroom
  • demonstrate a co-operative attitude with fellow students and teachers

Students' names are put forward by teachers.

The recipient will receive $150 and a cookbook.

This scholarship will be awarded annually by the members of the Beiseker Irricana Kathyrn Keoma Cookbook committee.


  • must be a graduate of Beiseker Community School
  • must be registered in a culinary or food related program  or
  • have been a student of good standing with at least 5 - Foods 30 level credits

NOTE: Averages are not rounded-up for scholarship purposes.

All courses must be completed before starting post-secondary studies

Application Procedures

Apply by May 1 for post-secondary studies starting in September or by December 1 for post-secondary studies starting in January. Applications must be post-marked by the application deadline.

Scholarships: Application Required

The recipient will receive $500.00

The J.H Schmaltz Memorial award for Leadership is awarded annually in memory of J.H Schmaltz.

The award will be presented to a Grade 12 student who is attending Beiseker Community School. The recipient of the award must have been enrolled at Beiseker Community School their full grade 12 year.

The award will be presented to the worthiest recipient using the following criteria as a guideline:

§  50% based on leadership qualities demonstrated at Beiseker Community School, throughout the student's high school career

§  25% based on leadership qualities demonstrated in community activities throughout the student's high school career

§  25% based on all high school marks from Grade 10 through 12, with the exception of special projects, work experience and any other courses not under direct jurisdiction of Beiseker Community School

In consideration of the first two criteria, the student's initiative in providing both active and passive leadership qualities should be emphasized rather than mere participation or skill level.

Students who wish to be considered for this award need to supply a Letter of Recommendation from the Community Organization that they were involved with, during their high school career and a Letter of Recommendation from a Beiseker Community School staff member. These letters need to be given to the staff member(s) involved with the School Scholarship Committee by the deadline of June 30th of the graduating year.

The following individuals will be included in the determination of the worthiest candidate: One member of the Norm Schmaltz Family, one member of the Clarence Schmaltz Family, one active staff member of Beiseker Community School and the principal or designate, of Beiseker Community School.

The school administration, in consultation with the school staff, will recommend worthy candidates to the Schmaltz Family. The decision will be made, by majority vote, at least three prior to the awards ceremony. There will be no disqualifications for this award if the recipient has qualified for other awards from the Beiseker Community School Scholarship Committee.

There are two awards. Each recipient will receive $250

Grade 12 student who has graduated at BCS and is registered in a post-secondary program at a university, college or technical school. One award will be given to someone attending post-secondary in the agricultural field and the other is given to someone attending post-secondary in any field, including a trade.


  • All grade 12 courses are considered in the selection
  • Extra-curricular activities (in school and outside of school) are also reviewed
  • Included in the process is an essay (250-300 words) on how agriculture has had an impact on the student’s life.

A completed application form must be submitted.

A committee of members of the Ag Society will pick the candidate(s).

Application deadline: June 30th of the graduating year.

Essays can be sent to:

Box 305, Irricana, AB  T0M 1B0 or

The recipient will receive $500.00


  • candidate must be a graduate of Beiseker Community School and not have missed more than 10 days of school (sick or arranged days away).
  • candidate must carry a minimum of 25 credits for the grade 12 year.
  • candidate must be entering post-secondary studies for the first time and be enrolled in a business administration program or a business-related course that will enable them to go into business for themselves.
  • scholarship will be awarded based on these factors: academic achievement (not necessarily given the candidate with the highest average), community or volunteer involvement and leadership displayed.
  • candidate must provide two letters of reference: i.e. teacher, guidance counselor, employer or community leader.
  • candidates must submit an essay of 500-800 words describing their achievements, community or volunteer involvement, educational goals and future plans.

Application deadline: June 30th of the graduating year.

Submit to: Beiseker & District Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 277, Beiseker, AB, T0M 0G0 or drop off at the Village of Beiseker office.


Academic Achievement Scholarships:

Recipients for the Honor Roll award will receive a gift certificate and name included on the permanent honor roll plaque. Sponsored by Beiseker Community School.

The criteria for this award for grades 7 - 9 is: Advancing or Mastering in all subjects with no marks below Limited, using the four core subjects:

  • language arts
  • social studies
  • math
  • science

The criteria for this award for grades 10 & 11 is: 80% or above average with no marks below 50%, using one of each of the following subjects at their grade level:

  • English 10-1, 10-2, 20-1, 20-2
  • Social Studies 10-1, 10-2. 20-1, 20-2
  • Science 10, 14, 24, Biology 20, Physics 20, Chemistry 20, Science 20 or 24
  • Math 10C, Math 10-2, Math 10-3, Math 20-1, Math 20-2, Math 20-3
  • a 5-credit option or Phys. Ed.


The criteria for this award for grades 12 is: 80% or above average with no marks below 50%, using:

  • 4 - 30 level subjects of 5 credits, including both English 30-1 or 30-2 and Social Studies 30-1 or 30-2
  • Any Option- HS (5 credits)

Recipients for the Most Improved Student will receive a gift certificate. Sponsored by Beiseker Community School.

The criteria for this award for one student from grade 7-9 is:

  • Improvement in marks
  • Increased homework completion completion
  • Increased completion of assignments
  • Consistent effort
  • Positive attitude

The criteria for this award for one student from grade 10-12 is:

  • Improvement in marks
  • Increased homework completion completion
  • Increased completion of assignments
  • Consistent effort
  • Positive attitude

Award Value - Up to $2,500

Eligibility Criteria:

Named in honour of Alexander Rutherford, Alberta’s first Premier and Minister of Education. The Alexander Rutherford Scholarship recognizes and rewards exceptional academic achievement in high school and encourages students to pursue post-secondary studies.

A student must meet the required average based on five designated courses in at least one grade: Grade 10, 11 or 12. The required average, value of the award, and courses that can be used depend on the year the student graduated. Students who graduated before April 1, 2008, should check the website for course requirements and award value.

Applicants must:

  • be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident,
  • be an Alberta resident - the applicant or the applicant’s parent(s) must have resided in Alberta during the qualifying grades,
  • have completed high school on or after September 30, 1980,
  • have attained the required average in five designated subjects in either Grade 10, 11 and/or 12 as calculated from marks on a valid Alberta Education transcript (see list of course requirements). A student need not have met this average in all three school years or in all courses to qualify for a portion of the scholarship, and *be enrolled full-time in a post-secondary or apprenticeship program.

Land Acknowledgment

Rocky View Schools would like to acknowledge the land and recognize all the Indigenous Peoples whose footprints have marked these lands from time immemorial. Together, we can learn and honour the Ways of Knowing of Indigenous Peoples for all future generations.