netWORK with Rocky View Schools

Do you have a particular skill you would be willing to share with students? Are you looking to access student volunteer services? If so, visit netWORK, RVS’ new online volunteer database!

Accessible via the jurisdictional website under Schools/netWORK, netWORK collects information about volunteer needs and opportunities at both the school level and within RVS communities. You also can learn more about netWORK by reviewing the following presentation.

Parents, businesses, or community organizations can volunteer their expertise through the Community Resource Database, or access student services through the School Community Service Database. Schools are just beginning to populate netWORK, which is currently operating as a pilot project, so stakeholders are encouraged to return often and check the databases for new entries.

Help promote awareness around netWORK by sharing a Fact Sheet with your employers, colleagues, or community associations or refer them to RVS' Power to Enrich from Apr. 17 – 23, 2013, when a series of blogs about community engagement will be featured.

Visit netWORK to find out how you can make public education more meaningful!

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