"One to One" Policy for 2019/20

2019/20 BCS One to One Plan


Dear BCS Parents and Students,

Please find below information regarding the BCS “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policy for our Grade 7-12 students.  We are moving into the third year of this program, and have made important refinements this year. Please read the following information carefully.

As we said last year, the school will always have computers on hand for student use, but by having their own device students will become very familiar and comfortable with it. As well, by having their own device, the student will have 24/7 access to it and they will be in complete control of the content on their device.  Alberta Education states that, “A personally owned device is just that – personal. The student who owns it typically invests time, thought and energy in customizing the device, in setting it up to optimize communication, productivity and learning. As a result, the student is typically quite proficient with the device and will use it anytime, anywhere to learn. Such devices, in the hands of every student, afford seamless learning opportunities that bridge the formal learning in schools, with the informal, outside of classrooms and schools.”

An effective low-cost option that fits the purpose and needs of the BYOD program would be an inexpensive Lenovo or ASUS notebook. These computers can be purchased from multiple retailers including Memory Express. This link shows the options available at that retailer:   http://www.memoryexpress.com/Category/LaptopsNotebooks?Search=laptop


Please see the following information regarding the requirements for BYOD devices:

Students will need to have an internet capable PC, Chromebook or Mac with at least a screen and keyboard.  We recommend a durable computer with a small form factor (smaller screen size) as they are less expensive, resilient, and fully capable of doing everything that the students will need for their academics.  Smartphones, iPods, and mp3 players will no longer be acceptable as a “BYOD” device. It is imperative that students bring their device to school fully charged and ready to use each day.

For those students that do not have access to an internet-ready PC, Chromebook or Mac device, the school will lend a computer to them daily at no charge to the student.  The student will need to pick up the computer first thing in the morning and then return it at the end of the day and they will not have the right to take them home.  All computers will be checked by our school tech at the end of each school day and any damage would be charged to the student.  Students will still be required to have a RVS Responsible Use and On-Going Consent Agreement on file here at the school as well as a BCS daily use waiver for the 2016/17 school year.

All Rocky View students have their own personal Microsoft Office 365 account and they can install the software on 5 different PC, Mac and mobile devices. Students can also access their Office 365 accounts through any internet browser, so office products do not need to be purchased when shopping for a student computer. If you have questions regarding products, please contact our school tech Rob Adams radams@rockyview.ab.ca.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us at the school.


B. Anderson - Principal

K. Rentz - Assistant Principal

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